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Friday, June 02, 2006

Apparently, Snoop Doggy Dogg needs to get a Jobby Job

I was watching a documentary the other day on this strange network, and I saw the most depressing scene in my life. In it, a young, poor, black man from the slums was waking up in the morning and his parents were going on some sort of vacation that wasn’t really specified, but by the look of the clothes they were wearing, it looked as if they were going to Florida to die.

Well, in this short film directed by a multitalented physician named Dre (I hope he practices medicine with the same astute awareness he does to capturing the conditions of the impoverished on film), a young man with cornrows is told by his parents that: “Snoopy Dog Dog needs to get a jobby job” or something of that nature. I’m not really sure, I was drinking an Arizona Iced Tea at the time and my mind was wandering about what kind of Toaster Strudel I should eat that morning.

Anyhow, as soon as this young man’s parents left, he shouted: “HOMEBOY ALONE!” and all of a sudden (I kid you not) out of the blue, music began to reverberate from my speakers. It was like this was some sort of music type video, but I’m not sure if those have been invented yet (Here’s hoping, though! There are a lot of great songs I hear on my radio that I think would be great to see in some sort of short, three minute vignette).

Well, after his parents left, this man’s house filled up so fast that I thought it looked like my house, but instead of centipedes crowding up his room, there were people! Cars were bouncing up and down as if they were going to jettison off to the moon, and women with very large posteriors were shaking their behinds with great force, something in my pants demanded me to look on!

The young man also kept talking about mixing the alcoholic beverage gin with juice (presumably orange) and everybody seemed to be in agreement that this was a good combination as they were all shaking their hips and nodding their heads to the almost hypnotic music.

Everything was going great for the young man until his parents came home and thrashed him violently for inviting so many people over without cleaning up first. That upset me greatly; the young man with cornrows was obviously just trying to have a good time (He probably spent the rest of his days bussing tables or some other sort of degrading Negro job that black people in lower class neighborhoods sometimes fill.)

I only hope they show this documentary again someday so I can one day show my kids. Television needs more short films like these. It only helps that there is music to accompany it.


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